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Altomar Home Healthcare Physical Therapy Services

Our team of experienced, highly trained physical therapists is dedicated to providing you with effective treatments that get you back to your life quickly. We offer evidence-based physical therapy centered on proven hands-on techniques and individualized exercise programs. Your physical therapist will spend time discussing your injury or illness, reviewing your treatment options and really listening to your assessment of the problem. Then based on the data collected from both you and your doctor, they'll create a treatment plan that uses a proven approach to help you achieve optimal wellness. Customized to your specific situation, this treatment plan will help you regain maximum flexibility, mobility and motion. And, just as important, it will be engineered to eliminate the problem that's causing your pain at its source.

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  • "This is a long overdue thank you for everything you did these last few years to make my Grandmother's life not only comfortable, but rich and full of love."

    Anna Thompson
  • "No job was too big to tackle in insuring that my mother's needs were met. I would not hesitate to recommend Altomar Home Healthcare for a family member requiring home care assistance."

    Rick Dempsey
  • "The support that you have provided me during the last three years was invaluable in managing a most difficult task. I want to take an opportunity to express my sincerest thanks and appreciation for the outstanding care that your staff provided."

    Gil Sans